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Below are the some of the market-leading products and services MHSS is proud to offer. If you require something not listed here, contact
Christian@mentalhealth-support.com. We aim to respond to all requests within half a day.
If your enquiry is urgent – please contact us on 0049 151 540 366 45. We are available 24/7.

24/7 Psychologist Support Line

telephone / whatsapp / email

Anonymous access to experienced maritime psychologists – 24 hour per day, 7 days per week, anywhere in the world.

  • Multi-lingual
  • Experienced in maritime matters
  • Instant support/diagnosis/supporting strategies

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Psychological First Aid Certification

Full day / half

Taught by professional psychological professionals, this industry-leading course ensures that every attendee is able to recognize, resist and respond to psychological crisis events – at home or in the workplace.

Attendees will be taught the fundamentals of psychological first aid, including:

  • Issue recognition (psycho-medical/cultural)
  • Appropriate response
  • Care and remediation techniques

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Mental Hygiene Training

online / live | Full day / half day

Delivered online or in person, and suitable for all levels (shore, sea, management), this training is designed for participants who want to go “above and beyond” industry standard, and be at the cutting-edge of mental health and wellbeing research.

Training is specially developed to be understood and used by all languages, cultures and nationalities.

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Bite-Sized Mental Hygiene Videos


Short, interactive and creating mental hygiene through easily understandable content.

These videos (available in series of 10) provide the latest in mental health insight, understanding and remedial techniques.

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Educational Books and Materials

Specially designed to convey the message of mental hygiene in everyday life (onboard and onshore).

Pre-designed or specific products can be purchased.

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Psychological Screening (individuals)

online / telephone

Using advanced analysis, this pre-screen will identify an individual’s psychological dispositions.

Administered online and in as little as 15 minutes, users will receive an in-depth psychological analysis.

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Emergency Intervention

From €1500 / specialist / day (plus travel and accommodation)

24/7 worldwide attendance by MHSS staff to incidents and events, to stabilize individuals and report on the incident.

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Organisational Mental Health and Wellbeing Audit

An in-depth audit of an organisation’s corporate approach to mental health and wellbeing.

Our specialists will work with key stakeholders to understand the organizational message, analyze its effectiveness and recommend improvements where necessary.


Policy Review

An in-depth review of corporate policy and recommendations on improvements (both written and deliverables).

Same-day turn-around possible on request.


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